Welcome to ROC Recycling CompaNY

Our goal is to combine efforts with Rochester residents and local businesses in order to create a more efficient and intelligent way to dispose of recyclable products. As a part of our vision, we hope to make Rochester a city that is known throughout the country as a leader in the green initiative. Our efforts will allow us to provide a better planet for future generations.


How it works for businesses?

  • Provide your company with the potential to cut back on recycling cost
  • Improve your company image
  • Supply your company with a clean and safer work environment
  • Help eliminate storage and insect issues


How can we benefit your school?

  • Excellent fundraising opportunities
  • Community service for the students
  • Educate students about environmentally responsible habits


Where do we go from here?

It's easy, bring your redeemables, paper products and electronics into our new facility and we will sort, count redeemables and pay you for the deposit!
We offer FREE electronic recycling, pretty much anything you can plug in EXCEPT (CRT's t.v.'s and monitors). Also, paper product recycling such as old books, cardboard, office paper, news paper etc...


November 16th 2015

ROC Recycling is officially: City's First Recycling Center Read More..

March 13th 2014

Today marks the 25th customer of ROC Recycling CompaNY. We are so thrilled to see how much progress we have made is such a short period of time. It gives us great hope and motivation to keep going till we reach a hundred and then try for a thousand. This company tries its hardest every day and stays committed to trying to be the best above the rest. Customer service is our # 1 priority! Thank you to all that have joined the Green team and to those future customers.


spacerROC Recycling has been a huge relief. They come with an awesome greeting, always happy to see you. They are quick, organized and most importantly punctual. All around an amazing company to work with!

Ross Mueller - GM Label 7